Molly Eleen & Ashley Burgdorf

The Design Duo

Over ten years of friendship, countless projects, more rearranging than one can count, and a shared passion for beautiful spaces brought us to Home Love!

During the past 10 plus years Ashley and I have always discussed “going professional” and truly using our talents to help our friends and new friends.  There is no better time to just go all in and do it. So here we are with home love. We are so excited to finally be doing what we love – together!

Molly Eleen

I am an interior architect by education, a furniture and cabinetry designer by experience and have a ridiculous need to make everyone’s homes beautiful and functional.  I have been designing high end residential kitchens, libraries, bars, and pieces of furniture for over fifteen years. Working as a freelance designer from home, while being a stay at home mommy, has been amazing, as I have also been able to feed my need for creativity.  I love it all, painting, crafting, designing, sewing, gardening, cooking, you name it I have probably tried it. And yes, if you know me personally I have probably re-arranged your furniture in my head at least 5 times. 

Ashley Burgdorf

I am a self taught, type A who loves all things beautiful. For as long I can remember I always wanted to re-arrange knickknacks, move around furniture to ‘make more sense.’ It took many years of me constantly re-doing my own spaces to realize that interior design, organizing and styling is my true passion. Good, functional design does so much more than look pretty and adorn the pages of Pinterest. It is the basis for how you feel when you are in that space. My many years of being a stay at home mom, allowed me to realize how important it is to have a calm space to allow for a calm mind. I believe everyone deserves to feel joy and calmness in your own home. Some might say I am a little pushy, and blunt in my approach, but let’s be honest, sometimes we all need that from time to time.

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